New Information

The entry period for the Yamanashi Media Arts Award is over.

Announcement of Winners

Y-GOLD (Grand Prize)

Projection for the Next 3000 Years

HIRASE Miki The artist’s website

Images are projected with stone and lights in this work. It is a routine part of the contemporary life to view images on electronic devices. I wonder what would happen if we ran out of electricity due to resource depletion. I search for techniques for reproducing remains of images we see today as well as remains of how we appreciate them.

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Y-SILVER(Excellence Award)

Compressed ideograph -visualized-

Scott Allen The artist’s website

(Co-creators)TAKAISHI Keito, ISHII Asuka, SHIBUYA Kazufumi, LI Muhan, KOBAYASHI Atsuya, TOKUI Nao

It is one of the “Compressed ideograph” series of works, in which a random letter string or a sentence is compressed to be a new kanji character by means of deep learning. Viewers can input some letters to experience generation of a kanji character and its visualization.

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Image Cemetery

NOGAMI Katsuki The artist’s website

This work gives uniqueness to an image by printing pictures of my faces in three years onto natural objects. In the work, I face my identity in the Internet Era and my portraits without filtered layers of discrimination and inferiority complex.

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Y-BRONZE(New Face Award)

Lost Outline

TAKENOUCHI Fumi The artist’s website

This work presents changes in embodiment and sensibility in the contemporary world through situations where three media—video data, objects, and the body—interact or disconnect.

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Structure of Slit-scan

WATANABE Takayuki The artist’s website

This is an installation piece in which the structure of the video image technique called slit-scan is visualized. Viewers can experience it interactively.

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Other prize-winning works

time in space , space in time MINOMO Yugo

Monument of Rain SIMO Hiroyasu

Hotsu mo Ki, Tatsu mo PeiKOBAYASHI Muku

Can I see you now? HAYASHI Yuto


Recursion NEMETH Riyo


The Difference of the Nature YAMADA Teppei

Movement of Hands and Arms SATO Ryotaro

Toward hands USUHA Ryoya

Objects#5 ISAYAMA Genki

This is a video showing white objects, which are made by molding figures and ornaments we find in everyday life, are decaying in water as time passes. Each object appears, decays, and disappears repeatedly. Through time when objects are decaying, this work accesses not only individual sense of time but also physical time in which the body is changing. The work tries to grasp time repeated and unnoticed in everyday life.

The Missing Sun TOMOTOSI

In March, 2021, when the Japanese Government decided to extend the state of emergency, I decided to hoist a white flag at a national flag hoisting place close by the New National Stadium. Starting with the size of a mask, which has become part of a common scenery, I kept changing the flag to a new one twice as large as the previous flag. This is a documentary video showing the process of attempted stealth communication with passers-by for 20 days.

*Some forms of entries are not suitable for introducing only with a video image.
We get permission from artists and inform the URLs of some works.

General Comments

The first screening

ISAKA Kenichiro

University of Yamanashi Graduate School (Professor), Artist

It was the first media art competition held in Yamanashi, and we were not sure what kind of entries we would receive. It turned out that there were 159 entries of various works by people of all ages—high school students to those in their 80s. The entries included dancing videos, picture books, animations, and games. The aim of the competition is to discover and nurture new generations of artists. We selected candidates for prizes, considering uniqueness of works as well as their challenges for a new way of expression. As a whole, works capturing a moment and asking the meaning of the moment stood out.(General comments on the first screening)

TADA AketoshiLEI THREE Inc. (Representative Director), Artist, Yamanashi PR Ambassador

TSUNODA JunPainter, Art Director

HIRAMOTO SouichiroSORAPURA Pictures LLC (Representative Director), Video Director

RaizunVideo Director, Game Director

SHINTARO WadaGraduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts (Assistant Professor), Media Director

The second screening

Photo by Tama Art university

AOYAGI Masanori

Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art (Director)、Tama Art University (Chairman of Board of Directors)、Former Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs

We appreciate that many people entered the first Yamanashi Media Arts Award. We look forward to your continued support for enabling the competition to continue to grow as an information dissemination base for media art together with people including judges and prize winners.


Art Writer, Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts (Professor), Art Museum (Director)

It was good to feel real-time world today from entries. There were new technical trials, and works created under the influence of social issues during the pandemic. In general, works using new techniques as an element of expressed messages with a unique perspective were highly evaluated. In that sense, I expect participants to keep on expressing something, considering offering new perspectives.

ISAKA Kenichiro

University of Yamanashi Graduate School (Professor), Artist

It was the first large-scale media arts award in Yamanashi Prefecture, and I worked as a judge with high expectations. I was engaged in both the first and the second screening, and saw all entries. There were a wide range of entries—some were understandable with my experience, and others inspired my senses. I wish winners’ success in the global art scene.


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Curator)

There were so many different types of entries that it was difficult to have a criterion for judging. The prize-winning works were all inspired by human’s fundamental desires, and are filled with enthusiasm to innovate the media as a means to convey the fundamental desires. Many unselected works were also excellent. Judges had discussions, but we chose new talents who are expected to have opportunities to publish their works, rather than artists who had already published their works. Awards should be continued to become a prestigious competition. I expect Yamanashi Prefecture to continue the award.


Artist, Designer

It was the first time for me to judge all genres of media art. I am an artist myself, but it was difficult and frustrating to properly understand entries by many artists in a limited time. Through discussions with other judges, I noticed what I call “problems of judges”—the bias of each judge, difference of age, and a field of expertise (Once the entry is not in the field, it suddenly becomes difficult to understand the work.). It was a good experience.



By repeating experiments and certain activities, we can reach a sphere where a certain substance utters a voice freely. I think that is the true charm of the media art. (If I’m saying something irrelevant, I’m sorry.) I am pleased to have been able to appreciate various types of artworks. My perspective was expanded and my sense was sharpened. Thank you very much.

About the Event

With the aim of realizing a prosperous regional society through the promotion of culture and arts, Yamanashi Prefecture will launch a new public exhibition in 2021, the Yamanashi Media Arts Award.

The purpose of the exhibition is to create opportunities for artists and expressionists, who possess high levels of expression, imagination, and advanced digital technology skills, to further develop and get discovered. To deliver an uplifting message as we overcome the ongoing global pandemic, the overarching theme of the exhibition will be “Living.”

Deeply rooted in the natural environment and climate of Yamanashi, works should aim to question the position of technology and how it should be used, while looking ahead to global environmental protection and future-oriented regional design. We are looking forward to receiving submissions that demonstrate digital skills and flexible creativity.

By holding this event, we hope our prefecture will become a focal point for culture and media arts that will foster communications of various types of expressions and activities both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, we hope it will help artists and expressionists to grow, while fostering the network between them in addition to businesses and universities. Through collaborations in other artistic fields, we also hope to generate new value and technologies.

Eligible Works

Eligible Works

Any genre is acceptable as long as the works represent an original digital expression, and can be viewed, carried out, operated, and/or recorded on the web. We hope to receive submissions from many applicants, including works that make full use of advanced media technology, works coming from a critical perspective on technology, works that are difficult to evaluate by conventional standards, as well as any new forms of expression that have the potential to be revered as works of art in the future.
(Example: Video works (including short movies), animations, music videos, graphics, installations, interactive art, slideshows, motion graphics, video games, apps for smartphones/tablets, digital gadgets, performances, web designs, etc.

Submission Rules

  • It is possible for a single applicant to submit multiple works, but applicants will not be eligible for more than one award.
  • Works that have already been submitted or awarded in other competitions are also eligible for submission (excluding those that have already been awarded by this particular contest).
  • Applicants must hold the copyright to the works they submit.
  • Please make sure to read the “Special Information” section.

Entry Guidelines

Entry Period

Jul. 30th, 2021 – Oct. 31st, 2021 Must be submitted by 5pm Japan Standard Time

Entry Requirements

All applicants (regardless of gender, age, nationality, individual or group (including all members), professional or amateur) must meet the requirements listed in these Guidelines. We ask that minors please apply with the consent of a parent or guardian.

How to Enter

Step 1: Upload submissions

Upload submissions to any of the following: a video streaming service, image posting/sharing site, personal website, etc.

Step 2: Entry from form

Fill in the necessary sections of the Entry Form on the Yamanashi Media Arts Award website, including the URL that directs to the submitted work.

■ Yamanashi Media Arts Award (Website)


Click here for the Call for Entry (Guidelines) (PDF)


  • URLs should direct to submissions that can be viewed without downloading.
  • For submissions that are set to private, please include the information required to view or access the data (passwords, etc.).
  • Take steps to ensure the data is viewable and/or accessible for screening through March 31st, 2022.
  • Any submissions that cannot be viewed shall be deemed incomplete and therefore ineligible for screening.
  • When using video streaming services or image posting/sharing sites, the applicant shall be responsible for any fees incurred.
  • When using video streaming services or image posting/sharing sites, follow the sites’ Terms of Use before submitting work.


Screening Process

Preliminary Screening
Judges of the Preliminary Screening will select nominees of the Award-Winning Works and the works selected to be exhibited at the Yamanashi Media Arts Award exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Selected Works").
Final Screening
Judges of the Final Screening will decide the winners of the Yamanashi Media Arts Award and Selected Works.


Preliminary Screening

ISAKA Kenichiro
University of Yamanashi Graduate School (Professor), Artist
TADA Aketoshi
LEI THREE Inc. (Representative Director), Artist, Yamanashi PR Ambassador
Painter, Art Director
HIRAMOTO Souichiro
SORAPURA Pictures LLC (Representative Director), Video Director
Video Director, Game Director
Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts (Assistant Professor), Media Director

Final Screening

AOYAGI Masanori
Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art (Director)、Tama Art University (Chairman of Board of Directors)、Former Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs
Art Writer, Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts (Professor), Art Museum (Director)
ISAKA Kenichiro
University of Yamanashi Graduate School (Professor), Artist
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Curator)
Artist, Designer

Screening Criteria

  • Does its use of media/technology demonstrate a high level of creativity and/or fresh expressions?
  • Does it feel as though it was making an attempt to try something new?
  • Does it contain a message or critique concerning technology?
  • Does it exceed the existing genres/fields, and suggest something bold for the future through its art?
  • Does it offer any surprises and/or discoveries through its unique ideas and/or innovations?


Certificates and Prizes

Winners of the “Grand Prize,” “Excellence Award” and “New Face Award” will each be awarded with certificates and corresponding prizes.

Y-GOLD Grand Prize
Certificate, 500,000 Japanese Yen One Winner
Y-SILVER Excellence Award
Certificate, 200,000 Japanese Yen Two Winners
Y-BRONZE New Face Award
Certificate, 100,000 Japanese Yen Two Winners

Announcement of the Winners

Late December, 2021 (To Be Determined, TBD)
Details regarding the exact date/time of the announcement will be posted on this website at a later date.
■ Yamanashi Media Arts Award (Website)

Awards Ceremony

Early February 2022 (TBD)
TBD at a later date


Exhibition Period
Early February 2022 (TBD)
Exhibition Venue
Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art (Prefectural Gallery)
Exhibited Works
  • Award-Winning Works and Selected Works
  • The way in which the works are displayed shall be decided after consulting with the owners of the Award-Winning Works and Selected Works.
  • In principle, equipment used to display the works at the exhibition shall be prepared by the Administrative Office. However, special equipment that cannot be provided by the Administrative Office must be prepared by the applicant.

Special Information

Regarding Submission of Works

Regarding the Works


Portrait Rights

Handling of Personal Information

The Yamanashi Media Arts Award Office shall take the reasonable security measures in order to prevent leaks, diversion, and/or falsification of personal information by adhering to the following guidelines:

Additional Provisions


Yamanashi Prefecture

Contact Us (Inquiries)

Yamanashi Prefectural Office Culture and Tourism Department, Cultural Promotion and Cultural Property Division

1-6-1 Marunouchi, Kofu, Yamanashi (Postal Code: 400-8501)
055-223-1790 *Hours:Weekdays (9:00am – 5:00pm)

■ Yamanashi Media Arts Award (Website)